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Cycling in Copenhagen


Nights at sea are different. You go to sleep and beyond the window there is nothing but sea, sky and the horizon in between. You wake up, there's a city outside. On the 3rd August 2010 Copenhagen showed up. The city you most likely know from the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics of the same name.

On this day my sister had some free time, so we decided to conquer the city by bike. The ship has some of those available for the crew. We just had to overcome the problem of the missing seats. The expectation of riding an iron bar the whole day didn't seem particularly desirable. The solution? Stealing the seats off other bikes of course.

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Across the Nordic Sea


There I was. On a boat. The day ahead was a sea day. We had to cross the Nordic Sea to reach Copenhagen the next day. So, as there were no new lands to explore this day, we shall dive into the topic of entertainment on boats.

While, in the early days of seafaring, passengers were entertained by keelhauling and the occasional case of scurvy, today's audiences demand higher standards. Quite rightfully I should say. Cunard, the owning company of the Queen Victoria, attempts to meet these demands with a potpourri of lectures, entertainment and activities, some of which could even be misconstrued as sport.

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Setting Off for the Baltic Sea

Lido Pool

It was the summer of 2010. My sister invited me on a visit to her workplace once more. Surely that would not be worth mentioning, if my sister wasn't working for Cunard and her workplace wouldn't be the Queen Victoria. For me this effectively translates to “Free Cruise”.

I had the pleasure before. In 2008 I travelled the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. This time it would be the Baltic Sea. From Southampton we would go to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Oslo, Kristiansand and back to Southampton.

Now sadly the great age of the vacation slide show has come to an end. I can't come to your homes, put up a slide projector and let my monotone voice recount overly detailed stories of non-interest while you fade into unconsciousness. Even if I could, I'd probably be to lazy to visit you all. Thankfully the technologies of today offer convenient alternatives. I will therefore strive to relive the excitement of such an evening through a pointless travelogue stretching over ten to fifteen ill-written blog posts. And yes, I really mean it.

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