June 2012

Secret Origin of a Comic Book Reader

The New 52

This is the story how a fine young man with a promising future ahead got corrupted by the filthy trash that is comic books. Ladies and Gentleman, that young man is no one else but I.

(dramatic pause)

How could that happen? Let's recapitulate the steps that led to this disastrous turn of events, shall we?

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Cycling in Copenhagen


Nights at sea are different. You go to sleep and beyond the window there is nothing but sea, sky and the horizon in between. You wake up, there's a city outside. On the 3rd August 2010 Copenhagen showed up. The city you most likely know from the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics of the same name.

On this day my sister had some free time, so we decided to conquer the city by bike. The ship has some of those available for the crew. We just had to overcome the problem of the missing seats. The expectation of riding an iron bar the whole day didn't seem particularly desirable. The solution? Stealing the seats off other bikes of course.

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