Each year I spend one day at the beginning of December making gingerbread dough. Initially I just wanted to build my own gingerbread houses. But these became quite elaborate construction projects. One year I build a tree house, another year a train station and yet another year I even build my own gingerbread train. While those are pretty to look at, eating them can be quite a challenge because of all the icing I had to use to keep the parts together. It's also not really something you can share among friends and colleagues.

So over time the gingerbread houses became smaller and I started using part of the gingerbread dough to make sweets. I decided to re-establish a tradition started by my father when he was a student. The story goes that he once returned home for Christmas to his parents' house but they weren't there yet and the house was cold. So he started making Dominosteine. At least that's how I remember the story. There definitely was something with Dominosteine.

My dear non-german readers may now be puzzled as to what this is all about. Let me explain. Dominosteine are sweets that are build on a basis of gingerbread with layers of jelly, marzipan and chocolate on top. They were invented in Dresden in the 1930s and became popular during the war. Today they are commonplace in shops all over Germany.

Nonetheless making them yourself seems to be rather uncommon. It may be due to the fact that it can be quite a laborious and time-consuming task. After spending a day for making the dough and waiting two weeks to let it rest, you have to invest another day or most likely a whole weekend for baking and all the subsequent steps.

If you're brave enough you can try it for yourself. The quantities in the recipe are those I am using. They are sufficient for about 200 Dominosteine. You may want to start with half the amounts. A strong food processor will certainly be helpful. I once wrecked one while kneading the dough.

Of course you can always stop after step 8 and just use the gingerbread elsewhere. For example for building a nice little gingerbread house.

How to make Dominosteine.


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