July 2010

The Sun Going Down on Tempelhof Airfield

Sonnenuntergang über Tempelhof

It wasn't planned that way. We had the opportunity to jump on a tourist boat tour for free. But that didn't happen and I blame the S-Bahn. We would have had lots of time to find the right boat, if it weren't for the fire on the train tracks. I had to take another route and instead of 30 minutes I arrived five minutes before the boat left. Still enough time to catch the boat though. And indeed we reached a boat, but unfortunately not the boat. We stood in front of a boat, waiting for the passengers to board, while the boat was 100 meters to the left. And it was not exactly waiting for us. Just when we realized the subtle difference between a and the, we could see the boat passing by. So much for the boat trip.

Suddenly we had a lot of time to kill. So we went to Tempelhof airport instead. An ex-airport since 2008 and since May 2010 a city park with the widest bike paths ever. And not very much obstructing the view of the sunset.